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Town of Whitefield, ME

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The Sheepscot Valley
Brewing  Company

74 Hollywood Boulevard
Whitefield, Maine 04353

Raise a tall glass as we extend a hearty welcome to our website.  Information can be found here about our brewery and our other products.  We would appreciate hearing from you and we ask that you send us an email prior to leaving our site.  You can do this by clicking on the email button at the bottom of this page.  Thanks for dropping by our website! 


About Sheepscot's Brewer

Steve Gorrill, the "Count of Whitefield" - Owner and Brewer, homebrewed for ten years prior to establishing the microbrewery in April of 1995. Specializing in unique beer styles, the flagship brew is Pemaquid Ale, a full-bodied Scottish ale (O.G.. 1.052) with a hoppy finish (great with hearty food)

Also being produced regularly are Boothbay Special Bitter, Damariscotta Double Brown and New Harbor Lager. 



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To get more information send mail to us at our e-mail address which is BrewSteve@photo-ne.com

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