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 NOTE: Seniors are  those who are 72  years of age or older.
 Youth are those who  are 18 years of age and younger.


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  Welcome to PSA's Region 15 Website

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I would like to extend a warm welcome to the PSA club membership to the Capitol Area Camera Club, Augusta, ME and to the 30 plus new members that signed up for PSA at the NECCC Conference in July. We are glad to have you join us.


This is the Region 15 website of the Photographic Society of America

and we welcome all who have an interest in any aspect of photography to join PSA and participate in all that the society offers to its membership.  My name is Robert B. Gorrill, APSA, MNEC and I am one of three Region Directors for this region that includes all six New England states.  In addition, I am the Webmaster for the main PSA website (; Vice-Chairman, Publications, for the PSA Photo Travel Division; Chairman of the All Maine Camera Club Competitions; and Vice-President-NECCC Bulletin for the New England Camera Club Council.

With the size of this Region, we have three RD's.  My fellow RD's are Mary K. Hall, APSA, MNEC, and James L. Dionne, MNEC.  Mary primarily handles the South Shore of Massachusetts and Jim Dionne, MNEC has the primary responsibility of Connecticut. Contact information is as follows:

Robert B. Gorrill, APSA, MNEC

48 High Street, Damariscotta, ME 04543-4632

207-563-7463 - Cellphone 207-319-8731



Mary K. Hall, APSA, MNEC
200 Burkhall St., #205, Weymouth, MA 02190


James L. Dionne, MNEC
131 Pembroke Ct., Meriden, CT 06450-8158

The New England Camera Club Council has an electronic interclub competition and your club can access rules, sizing information, host club requirements and details by clicking on the following: New_Guide_Electronic_Image_Competitions.


Please visit the Photographic Society of America's website at  There is a tremendous amount of information that is available along with a listing of the various programs that can be rented for use in your club's program or for your personal learning experience.  The PSA Electronic Imaging Division's online study groups are now up to 28 active groups and you can see what they are all about by going to


If you click on Page 2 you will find information on upcoming events and other happenings within Region 15.  You are invited to check this out on a regular basis to keep informed of events in our region.  If you, or your club, have something to offer that would be of interest to other clubs and members in this region, let me know and I will be happy to put that information up on this site.  You will also find logos for PSA and the annual conference to download.


Page 3 has information about the Photographic Society of America's Young Photographers Showcase which we hope that your club will be one of the PSA member clubs sponsoring a high school student to participate in the program.


A very informative pamphlet about "Getting Your Money's Worth From PSA" and several others of interest to photographers can be downloaded as Adobe Acrobat files.  Click on the pamphlet title to download the file.  You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to read these files, which is a free program, available for download at Adobe by going to

Getting Your Money's Worth From PSA

An Introduction to International Exhibitions - large file for printing

Putting "Snap" in Your Snapshots (A beginners guide to better pictures) - large file for printing

Click on Page 4 to get information for Camera Clubs


If you are not a member of PSA you can either download the application form from this website by clicking on FORM, print it, fill it out, and mail it to PSA Headquarters or, if you prefer to use your credit card online, you can go to the PSA website and join online using our secure area.  Either James Dionne, Mary K. Hall, APSA or myself would be honored to be your Sponsor and ask that you enter one of our names in the Sponsor area on the form.  The Society offers much to both the individual and to clubs so I hope you will take advantage of us by joining PSA today.  If you are a club that is joining PSA then click on CLUB-FORM to download the PDF document to fill out and mail to headquarters and with the same request regarding the club Sponsor for membership.

  • Visit for more information about the clubs of New England that are in Region 15 of the Photographic Society of America.
Thanks for visiting our Region website.




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