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 At the end of June this website will no longer be available due to the huge increase in hosting fees that the current webmaster can no longer afford.  If anyone wishes to take over the Big Photo List let the current webmaster know and all of the files can be sent to you.

Created and maintained by volunteers, it is our hope that this listing will be a major resource for your photo-graphic interests. While we don't cater to individual's web pages, we expect that this list will help you find a variety of resources for your photographic interests and issues.

Thank you for visiting this site. If you would like to see something changed, added, or subtracted, please let us know by contacting:
Robert B. Gorrill, APSA, MNEC
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Are you a photo club member?  A member of a group or association dealing with some aspect of photography? Please let us know who you are and what your group is doing.
Please send us the following information:
* Name of club, group or association
* Area, city, state, country of main location
* Mission statement and/or purpose
* Meeting times, location and info
* Contact person, with email address if possible
* Special activities or notes about the organization
* Permission to link to web page for more information
* Membership info and fees, if appropriate

Send the information to Robert B. Gorrill, our Administrator, for inclusion in our next update. Updated monthly or sooner. Last update:
Wednesday May 18, 2016


Very special thanks goes to these two great people who helped to make this web site possible:

Lorelle VanFossen for putting the whole thing together originally and getting it started and initially updated.

Henry Posner, of B&H Photo-Video, who took Lorelle's list and created it as an HTML document and added more professional links.

Your host for the Big Photo List is Robert Gorrill, APSA, MNEC, who is also webmaster of the Photographic Society of America's EID Study Groups website at

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